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Wholesale Information

The Coldbreak Brand: Coldbreak Brewing Equipment has been designing homebrewing and portable dispensing equipment for over a decade. It is designed, manufactured, assembled, inspected, and packaged in house, right here in Michigan, USA. When you purchase our products, you're buying equipment that we are proud of and we know you and your customers will be 100% satisfied. We pride ourselves on our ability to create premier equipment both efficiently and consistently.

Our products are currently available on our site or through many online retailers and homebrew shops throughout North America. If you are interested in buying wholesale (distributors, retailers, homebrew shops, online stores, etc.) please fill out our wholesale application.

Customer Service: We have a modest facility, with big production capabilities. When you call or email, you're going to get personal customer service and a quick response. We work as a tight family and communicate well with one another, so your order is right and ships out on time. We love what we do, and it shows.

Wholesale Support
616-805-9733 (M-F only)

We know how busy you are. If there is ever an issue with one of our products, our business phone number and email are listed above. Tell your customers to get a hold of us, and we will make it right.

Capabilities: We currently cater to many different sized companies. Whether you are a small-town brick and mortar shop, an internet empire, or a wholesale distribution center we are setup to accommodate your needs.

Wholesale Application