Brewing and Serving Equipment

Our Premium Jockey Boxes

Designed specifically for the commercial craft breweries, our Coldbreak Brewery Edition line of jockey boxes are designed for abuse during festivals and special events. Shanks, faucets and fittings are available in chrome plated or stainless steel and our custom aluminum shank plates reinforce the plastic cooler walls to prevent buckling and ensure proper tightening of your faucets.

Our Immersion Chillers

Our personal brand of chillers are unmatched in quality and variety.  We go to great lengths to purchase and use only the highest quality USA made copper, stainless steel, vinyl tubing, hose clamps, and custom one-piece brass fittings on our immersion chillers. We offer many different chillers varying in length, width, and diameter. No longer do you have to settle for a chiller that "doesn't quite fit" your brew pot.