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HBL Club Registration

Homebrew Clubs

Does your homebrew club want to be part of the HBL? Host a challenge and earn cash for your club. 

  • Earn up to $275.00 for hosting a competition with 96 entries.
  • Earn up to $350.00 for hosting a competition with 150 entries.
  • Earn up to $500.00 for hosting a competition with 250 entries.
  • HBL support (guidance, forms, supplies, BJCP registration, BJCP completion paperwork, etc.)

Club Requirements

  1. Clubs hosting a challenge must have at least 50 active members.
  2. Clubs must be able to receive bottle entries (clubs may enlist their local homebrew store for assistance).
  3. The club must choose an organizer and stewards (assistants) for the challenge. The organizer and stewards may NOT enter the competition. The organizer will be the main contact with the HBL.
  4. The Club is responsible for securing a minimum of 6 BJCP judges and 6 non-BJCP judges that are industry professionals (i.e. Provisional Judges, Professional brewers, Certified Cicerones, etc.). The HBL will provide support. 
  5. Club members may NOT judge the competition if they have an entry in the competition.
  6. Clubs must provide a proper judging location.