Pouring Wine from a Jockey Box

Pouring Wine from a Jockey Box

Jockey boxes are not just for beer. Wine, champagne, kombucha, cider, soda, and other kegged beverages can be poured from our portable draft systems.

Acid Levels

Wine and other highly acidic beverages need high quality components. All Coldbreak jockey boxes are made from 304 SS components. 

Reds and Whites

Looking to pour red and white wines at the same time out of your jockey box? It can be done, you just need to adapt your jockey box to your needs. Any coil can be easily removed and a Bypass Jumper installed in its place. That way reds stay room temperature and your whites get chilled by the SS coils.

wine from a jockey box

Nirtrogen, CO2, or Beer Gas (mix)

Any inert gas can be used to pressurize your kegs and push beverages through our jockey boxes. If you are pouring for long periods of time and do not want CO2 to dissolve into your beverage, a beer gas mix or nitrogen is recommended.

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