How to set up a Jockey Box

How to set up a Jockey Box

Quick note - Our jockey boxes come in a variety of styles, but the internal parts and pieces we use to manufacture them are all the same. The model shown below and may be different than the one you purchased. 

Universal threads - All of our jockey boxes use the standard beer industry thread, 7/8"-14 (5/8" BSP). It is the same thread that is used on beer couplers and beer hex nuts. If you have existing jockey box beverage jumpers, they will fit our jockey boxes.

Parts Needed (sold separately)

  1. Jockey box
  2. Dispensing Kit
  3. CO2 Tank 

Getting to know your jockey box

Printable PDF Instructions - Click Here

outside jockey box labeledinside jockey box labeled

A. Beer faucet*
B. Black tap handle
C. Liquid input shanks*
D. Drain plug*
E. Coil*
F. Beer hex nut
G. Ferrule*
H. Grommet

Dispensing Kits - Sold separately
jockey box accessories     American snaky d coupler diagram

I. CO2 tank
J. CO2 regulator
K. CO2 air line
L. CO2 Manifold
M. Beverage jumpers*
N. Beer coupler (Sankey 'D')*
O. Beer washer
P. Hose clamp

*manufactured with stainless steel

    Cleaning and Rinsing

    Prior to your first use, you should run a cleaner through the coils to remove any debris left behind by the manufacturing process. We recommend PBW from Five Star.

    After cleaning (and each use), sanitize the coils with a rinse-free sanitizer like Star San or an Iodine solution. These solutions can be forced through the coils using a hand pump or pressurized keg. Visit the manufacturers website for proper mixing ratios and chemical safety tips.

    For Easy Rinsing

    Hook your jockey box up to any outdoor garden hose spigot with our Flush-Out Hose. End one has a female garden hose fitting and end two has a winged beer nut for easy wrench-free installation on the liquid input shanks (C).

    Set-up Instructions

    Important: Do not add ice until you are completely setup. Place your jockey box is in the desired location prior to adding ice. When filled, a four tap can weigh up to 100 pounds and difficult to move. 

    Step 1 - Attach Faucets

    Attach each faucet (A) and tighten down using the supplied faucet wrench. Do not over tighten, as faucet can be stripped.

    Step 2 - Check Connections

    Holding the shanks in place, use a wrench to make sure the beer hex nuts (F) are secure. They can loosen over time, especially during travel.

    Step 3 - Attach Beverage Lines

    Attach the 90º end of a beverage jumper (M) to a liquid input shank (C) on the jockey box. The second end attaches to the top of a coupler (N). Make sure you use a beer washer (O) between each connection.

    Step 4 - Assemble CO2 Lines

    Using the supplied hose clamps (P) attach one end of a CO2 line (K) to the regulator (J) and the other end to the input on the CO2 manifold (L). Air Lines (K) on the output side of the manifold (L) connect to the CO2 input on the couplers (N). 

    Step 5 - Attach Regulator

    Attach your regulator (J) to your CO2 tank (I) and tighten down with a crecent wrench.

    Step 6 - Connect Coupler

    Make sure all of the faucets (A) are completely closed. Twist your couplers (N) onto to your kegs and engage the coupler lever by pulling out on the handle (to unlock) and pushing down to engage. The handle will lock back in place once engaged.

    Step 7 - Open CO2 and Adjust Pressure

    Open your CO2 tank (I) and any necessary valves on the regulator (J) and CO2 manifold (L). Adjust the keg pressure to 25-30 PSI. 

    Step 8 - Fill Coils with Beverage

    Before adding ice, run your beverage through all coils and test for any CO2 and beverage leaks. This will also help prevent any lines from freezing by pushing out any rinse water. 

    Step 9 - Add Ice

    Fill the cooler completely full of ice. It can take 30-40 pounds of ice to completely cover the stainless steel coils on our 2-4 tap models. Cooler sizes will vary depending on model. The important point is to fill the cooler completely.

    Step 10 - Acclimate

    Once the cooler is completely full of ice, walk away for 10-15 minutes. The cooler will need time to acclimate. Once the entire cooler is at the same temperature, you will get a perfect pour. A good visual indication that the jockey box is ready is when condensation appears on the faucets (i.e. they are cold).

    End of the Day Procedures

    Purge: At the end of your event, close off all CO2 valves and pull the relief valve on your CO2 coupler (N) to bleed the excess pressure in the kegs. RE-pressureize to 12-14 PSI if there is leftover beer. Leaving kegs at 30 PSI for an extended amount of time will over carbonate your beer or other beverage (over 12 hrs).

    Flush: Flush out the inside of the jockey box coils ASAP. Do not let beer or other beverages sit inside of the the jockey box coils when not in use. Sanitize the coils with a rinse-free sanitizer like Star San or an Iodine solution. These solutions can be forced through the coils using a hand pump or pressurized keg.

    Store: Store dry. Compressed air can be used to remove any liquids left inside the coils. To keep the outside looking brand new, wipe down the outside of the cooler with a cleaner and a damp cloth.

    Troubleshooting / FAQ >>
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