How to Clean a Jockey Box

How to Clean a Jockey Box

Step 1 - Flush

The flush out hose is great for getting the beer out of your jockey box and rinsing after cleaning. We generally flush each coil for 4-5 minutes. At the very least, flush prior to first use but water alone will not ‘clean’ the coils. Beer is alive and to get all the microscopic stuff out, you’ll need some beer line cleaner. 

Step 2 - Clean

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to clean the coils in a jockey box is to purchase a cheap Garden Sprayer and cut off the wand. Then add a tailpiece and faucet adapter to the tubing coming from the sprayer. This will allow you to hook it up directly to the jockey box. 

Garden Sprayer
A small garden sprayer can be picked up at any large box store for less than $10. They are great for mixing caustic and can be pressurized by hand. Once you cut off the wand, you'll have to add an adapter.

Faucet Adapter (go ‘in’ where the faucets connect)
Here you can leave the keg tubing/couplers connected to the jockey box and clean them at the same time. (But the faucets don’t get clean)


Tailpiece with beer nut (connects to the liquid ‘in’ on your jockey box)
Here you can leave the faucets attached to the jockey box, but then you have to clean the tubing and couplers from the keg as well.

Either way the tubing on the garden sprayer will be small, so get the 5/16” tailpiece and then heat the end of the sprayer tubing up in hot water. It should go on with some force. 

Step 3 -

Once you have run a cleaning solution / caustic through the jockey box, hook your flush out hose back up and run clean water through each coil for 4-5 minutes. Never leave caustic in your coils. The next person using it may assume it's water. PH strips can be used to test the water and to make sure all caustic has been removed.

Step 4 - Purge (optional)

Remove the water from each coil if it won't be used for awhile. Compressed air is the easiest way to push most of the water out. This is especially important in cold climates, where freezing is a possibility. 

All in your looking at about $20 plus whatever caustic cleaner you purchase. 

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