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Build Materials

stainless steel coils vs cold plates in jockey boxes

Coils vs. Cold Plates 

At Coldbreak, we manufacture all of our jockey boxes with stainless steel coils. We do this because stainless steel coils have many advantages over the cold plate.

Type  SS Coil Cold Plate Advantage
Weight (each) 4 pounds 11 pounds Coil
Keg Temperature Room Temp Below 55ºf Coil
Ice/Water Ratio Ice and Water Ice only (drain plug stays open) Coil
Temperature exchange Excellent Average Coil
Surface area (SS tubing) 50' 11' Coil
Application High volume Low volume Coil
Connections Direct. Stainless coil to shank Vinyl tubing Coil


stainless steel shanks vs chrome plated jockey box

Shank Material

Companies that manufacture jockey boxes sometimes give you options when it comes to shank and faucet material like chrome plated brass or stainless steel. has an excellent article that explains why chrome plated brass should never be used in the brewing industry. The short of it is, beer is acidic and over time it will eventually erode the chrome plating and leach metals into your beer.

When price shopping online, make sure you pay attention to the quality of materials they use. Lower priced jockey boxes are usually built out of chrome plated brass shanks and faucets and companies will only mention the stainless steel coil. If they don't tell you what material the shanks are made out of, you can safely assume they are chrome plated brass. All of our jockey boxes are made out of stainless steel. 

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