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How to set up a Jockey Box

How to set up a Jockey Box 0

To assemble your Coldbreak jockey box, you will need a few tools. Start by attaching your faucets with a ...
  • Chris Musil
Why Our Jockey Boxes?

Why Our Jockey Boxes? 0

When you tighten hard metal shanks onto a soft plastic cooler, the cooler wall will begin to collapse before the shanks can be properly tightened.
  • Chris Musil
Build Materials

Build Materials 0

Companies that manufacture jockey boxes sometimes give you options when it comes to shank and faucet material like chrome plated brass or ...
  • Chris Musil
Different Types

Different Types 0

We offer several different styles of jockey boxes and no matter which one you choose, you are going to get the same professional build using ...
  • Chris Musil
What is a Jockey Box?

What is a Jockey Box? 0

Jockey boxes are used to serve beer in temporary locations. Internal stainless steel coils are covered in ice and water and as liquid flows...
  • Chris Musil
50' vs 120' - Does coil length matter?

50' vs 120' - Does coil length matter? 0

Coldbreak jockey boxes are the perfect tool for a festival setting. Their compact design minimizes space with still serving...
  • Chris Musil