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How to Bottle Homebrew

How to Bottle Homebrew

After 14 days, fermentation should be complete and you will be ready to bottle or keg your beer and begin carbonating. 

How to bottle your homebrew:

1. Clean all equipment.
2. Boil 3/4C water and add supplied priming sugar. NOTE: The supplied amount is for 5 gallons. If you do not have a full 5 gallons to bottle, reduce the amount of priming sugar. Over carbonation can occur if you add too much sugar.
3. Stir to dissolve, cover and let cool.
4. Mix 5 gallons of sanitizer and sanitize all equipment, including bottling bucket.
5. Pump your auto siphon a few times to sanitize tubing.
6. Transfer sanitizer back to extra bucket for sanitizing bottles. 
7. Place bottle caps into a small bowl and cover with sanitizer
8. Elevate the fermenter on a solid surface and remove lid.
9. Place bottling bucket below fermenter to let gravity aid in the transfer. Make sure siphon tube is long enough to reach the bottom of the bottling bucket. This will reduce the chance of splashing and introducing oxygen into your beer (bad!).
10. Pour priming sugar solution into the bottling bucket.
11. Place siphon into fermenter holding it a few inches from the bottom avoid sucking up trub (sediment). Pump until beer begins to flow. Avoid splashing! Avoid trub!
12. Once beer is transferred, move the bottling bucket to the countertop and attach a sanitized bottling wand to the spigot.
13. Remove sanitized bottles from your bucket of sanitizer and allow to drain. No rinse is needed if using a no-rinse sanitizer such as Star San.
14. Open spigot. Beer should fill the bottling wand, but not escape at this point.
15. Take a small sample and measure your final gravity. With this, and your original gravity you can estimate your ABV (Alcohol by Volume) or % of alcohol.
16. Insert bottling wand into the bottles until the needle reached the bottom, releasing beer. When filling leave a couple inched of headroom.
17. Place a sanitized bottle cap onto your bottle and crimp with a capper.
18. Rinse the exterior of your bottles and place in a cool dark location for 2-6 weeks for carbonation and conditioning. 

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  • Chris Musil