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How to set up a Jockey Box

How to set up a Jockey Box

To assemble your dispensing kit, you will need:

1. CO₂ regulator
2. Distribution manifold
3. Air lines
4. Faucets
5. Beverage jumpers with washers
6. Screwdriver
7. Two crescent wrenches
8. CO₂ tank
9. Desired keg of beer

How to set up your jockey box:

1. Attach faucets
2. Insert a rubber washer into the end of your beverage jumper and attach to rear shank. Repeat with each jumper.
3. Use a wrench to secure the internal coil nuts and tighten the beverage jumpers
4. Hold each faucet to prevent spinning and check the coil nuts. Make sure they are secure.
5. Make sure your rubber check valve is in place on the inlet of the snake coupler.
6. Attach CO₂ line. No rubber washer is needed.
7. Slid a hose clamp on the other end of your CO₂ line and attach to one of the manifold outlets. Repeat for each CO₂ line.
8. Take another CO₂ line and attach it to the barb on your regulator. Attach the other end to the inlet of your manifold.
9. Attach the regulator to your CO₂ tank. Regulators come with a built in O-ring or washer. Make sure one is in place before tightening. 
10. Insert a rubber washer into the loose end of your beverage jumper and attach to your keg coupler.
11. Check to make sure all faucets are closed and attach connect couplers to your keg.
12. Open CO₂ tank and all necessary valves. 
13. Turn the regulator nob or screw clockwise to increase pressure. 50 foot coils will need 25-30 PSI for proper dispensing.
14. Make sure drain plug is closed and add 30-35 pounds of ice (48 qt cooler). Fill cooler with water until the coils are completely covered.
15. Pour a beer and test flow rate. CO₂ may need to be adjusted. 

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  • Chris Musil